Asp.Net Web Forms

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Web Forms

It is one of the Three different programming models you can use to create ASP.NET web applications, the others being ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web Pages. ASP.NET Web Forms is a part of the ASP.NET web application framework.
Web Forms are pages that your users request through their browser and that form the user interface (UI) that give your web applications their look and feel. Web form is a combination of HTML, server controls, and server code. When users request a page, it is compiled and executed on the server, and then it generates the HTML markup that the browser can render.


In previous posts I explained  Value and Reference Types, View State, What is the Dataset in ASP.NET,  Difference between .NET Framework 4.5 and .NET Framework 4.0Basics of ASP.NET Now I will explain how to Create Web Form in using c# .

Step 1 :- 

Open Visual studio

Step 2:-

Click on FileàNewàwebsite

Step 3:- 

Browse your Folder where you want to save the Project .

Step 4:-

In  ‘Installed  Templates’ (Left side) select your desired language and finally click on ‘ASP.NET Empty Website’

Step 5:-

Click on ‘Solution Explorer’ (right side)

Step 6:-

Right click on the   Project path and Click on ‘Add New Item’

Step 7:-

In  ‘Installed  Templates’ (Left side) select your desired language, and click to ‘Add’ button


Now a Default.aspx  Web Form has been created in your website.


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